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Can a Clean Home Affect Your Mood?

With so much instability happening in the world around us today it’s easy to get caught up in the same old same old routine we get accustomed to. You know how it goes, there are certain tasks throughout the day that we must tend to, whether that be our kids, work, school or family, etc. we let the most sacred place we have fall to the waist side. What is this sacred place you speak of? I’m speaking about our homes of course. Our homes are our escape from the pressures of our day to day lives, your own personal oasis if you will that can bring joy, peace, and relaxation to your soul. A bit dramatic, possibly but the point is simple, our homes provide the comfort we are longing for.

Just about everyone knows that it’s good to keep your space clean, but did you know that being clean and organized can actually help improve your mood? It has been scientifically proven that cleaning can help improve your mood and brighten your spirits.

There are many stressors that can take us from having a great day to a day that can leave us wondering who did it and why. Anxiety rate among our teens is at an all time high and those same feelings increase into our twenties and beyond. Clutter and mess have the tendency to increase stress by making it difficult to relax and adding to the anxiety. Stress can put a lot of strain on your mental well-being and has many negative health effects, including:

· Poor sleep quality

· Weight gain

· Increased risk of heart disease

· Increased blood pressure and heart rate

· Suppressed immune system

· Slower metabolism

The research on this is clear. A house that is clean is a great predictor of physical health. Individuals struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety can gain almost instant relief if time was taken to clean their environment. Living in a clean environment can help you to elevate your mood. Taking pride in your home is no different than taking pride in your physical appearance. You feel better about yourself when you take the time to exercise and eat healthy on a consistent basis. The same can be said about cleaning your home.

Cleanliness, like exercising is a form of self-respect so even by spending just a few minutes every day cleaning you can dramatically improve your feeling of self-worth. In order to not experience the negative effect listed above those who maintain a clean living environment notice tremendous health benefits as well. Yet another reason why keeping your living space clean is so important.

Making your bed every day, cleaning one room at a time, using cleaning products you enjoy,

and decluttering your workspace are all essential to maximizing your productivity.

Make it Fun for Yourself!

Cleaning and organizing do not have to be something you dread! There are so many ways to make the process more enjoyable, by listening to music or putting the T.V. on in the background while you clean. Also, remember that cleaning is a form of exercise. Exercising helps your body to release endorphins, which will make you feel happier. And let's be honest who doesn’t want a happier and healthy you!

In summation if you follow just some of the tips we’re outlined for you here you can not only get your space cleaning and organized but you can also experience the mental health benefits as well. Make the time count and put you first. Why? Because you are worth it!

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